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Ken Odell

Ken Odell

Founder & Purpose Guide

"One Saturday afternoon at an Elders Circle, I heard Ken Odell talk about how sad and sick he was about how men treat women and girls and perpetuate a culture of dominance and lack of safety. Since then, we have met most Saturday mornings and are creating a way to change that." — David W., Doylestown

As men, we're brought up believing hypermasculinity is the norm.

Society encourages behaviors like aggression, violence, and unbridled sexuality, causing us to lose sight of what healthy masculinity looks like. As a result, we lose our ambition to protect marginalized communities, including women and children.

What would it mean to return to a true sense of manhood? What could we accomplish by forgetting what we were taught, and trusting age-old instincts instead?

Fellow men’s experiences show that change is possible—and that the personal and communal outcomes are worth fighting for.

Out of a sense of responsibility to these tenets, Warriors Creating Safety was born.


We are a community of men who accept vulnerability and allow it to fuel true connection and brotherhood.


We believe that the mistreatment of women and children is a men's issue and can be transformed so that we all can be safe and happy.


We learn more about ourselves at men, resulting in deeper connections in our platonic, familial and romantic relationships.


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